Career preparation and placement program – Cybersecurity Analyst

About the program

  • Enrollment to the program is purely based on Assessment & Interview
  • Candidate to be in Coimbatore for Assessment & Interview to get selected for the Program
  • Only most-deserving & limited Candidates in this batch (Max 25)
  • 100% on-site in Coimbatore (Coaching / training & internship in real time projects)
  • 100% Job assurance / guaranteed placement on successful completion*

Eligibility requirements - General skills

  • Linux & Networking skills
  • Operating Systems (Desktop & Server)
  • Strong communication skills and ability to comprehend well in English
  • Problem solving, troubleshooting, time management, critical thinking & stress management
  • Strong ethical mindset and a self-learner
  • 100% commitment, attentive to job role, professionalism, dedication & punctual
  • Ability to commit full time for the entire program (Phase 1 and Phase 2)

    Eligibility requirements - Education

    • UG & PG Students from IT / CS and related background
    • Graduates of 2021 and above
    • Final year Graduates who can be 100% on-site for this Program (You might need permission from your Academic Institution)

    The Fine Print

    Program Location

    The entire program will be 100% offline (on-site) at dedicated office in Coimbatore

    Coaching Schedule

    Coaching will be on alternative days (tentatively)

    Laptop Requirement

    We welcome Candidates to use their own Laptop (Min 8GB RAM, a latest processor etc.,), always

    Lab Access

    Gain over 100 hours of live lab access for practical experience in real-world scenarios. Additionally, enjoy entry to 650+ virtual labs to enhance your cybersecurity skills with a focus on the latest trends.

    Tools for Cybersecurity

    150+ tools of the trade, for Cybersecurity job role

    Soft Skills Training

    Soft skills and completely curated Placement training for getting a job in Cybersecurity

    AI-based Assessment

    AI based Cybersecurity assessment used in top MNCs and Fortune 500 Corporations

    Job Guarantee

    Guaranteed Job offer on Successful completion (Placement training is free. But Placement charges applicable and need to be paid after getting placed)

    Certification Exam Fee

    In addition to Program Fee, Candidate to afford the Exam fee for Global vendor Certification in Dec 2023 (Approximately INR 30,000). This Certification is mandatory and not optional.

    • Phase 1

      Sep 2023 to Dec 2023

      4 months of Coaching – Readiness for internship in real-time projects

    • Phase 2

      Jan 2024 to Mar 2024

      3 months of intensive internship + soft skills training + placement preparation

    • Phase 3

      Interviews & placements from April 2024 onwards, for those Candidates who are completing the Program successfully

    Program Enrollment and Phases: a Pathway to Cybersecurity Expertise and Job Placement

    • Pre-enrollment
    • 1st Phase: 4 months
    • 2nd Phase: 4 months
    • 3rd Phase : Placement drive starts


    Step 1: Candidates takes offline assessment & face to face interview

    Step 2: Qualified candidates are invited for enrolment

    Step 3: Invited candidates are enrolled on first come basis due to batch limit

    Step 4: Actual cost of the Program - INR 60,000. Candidates registering earlier will get 30% discount (INR 18,000/-). Final cost of the Program is INR 42,000

    Step 3: Candidate to pay INR 42,000 only for the Phase 1 & 2 of the Program and complete registration before 22nd Sep 2023

    Step 4: Enrolled Candidates start the Phase 1 of the Program from mid of August 2023

    1st Phase: 4 months – Sep 2023 to Dec 2023

    Step 1: Coaching in Linux / Networking / Cybersecurity / Red team activities / Ethical hacking / Penetration testing (Web application / Mobile / Cloud / Infrastructure / Social engineering)

    Step 2: Internal assessment # 1 – Nov 2023.

    Step 3: As part of the Program, We will guide the candidates to acquire Global vendor certifications that we prescribe for each candidate – Nov / Dec 2023

    Step 4: Qualified candidates step in to Phase 2

    Our methodology adopted for successful placement in a Cybersecurity job role

    2nd Phase: 4 months - Jan 2024 to Mar 2024

    Step 1: Major Certification to be completed before 31st Dec 2023 - Cost incurred by Candidate (Approximately INR 30,000)

    Step 2: Qualified candidates are signed-up for 3 months of intensive internship in real time projects

    Step 3: Top candidates might receive Stipend (multiple criteria apply)

    Step 4: Placement training with experiential learning in near real time Cybersecurity environment

    3rd Phase : Placement drive starts (Pay after Placement) - April 2024 onwards

    Step 1: Interviews are arranged for Candidates who successfully completes Phase 1 & 2

    Step 2: Top performing candidates are hired by us and our Partner companies

    Step 3: Placement charges are applicable and to be paid by Candidates after we place them

    Step 4: A candidate friendly, separate agreement will be signed upon for placement training and onboarding Candidates in full-time job in Cybersecurity.

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